The new European flag

A new élan begins with a new, okay flag

According to the EU's official explanation, the number twelve is a symbol of perfection, completeness and unity. This is never going to work like the Stars and Stripes, which once changed as each new state was included. No, the stars are a mistake for Europe . Not distinctive enough either. All the major powers do something with stars. The European circle is too puny and empty, plus the symbolism is too vague, it leaves people still thinking: which is “our” star exactly?
Honestly, it was problems like this that confronted Europe in the spring of 2005.

A matching gesture

So let's change those dots into a robust circular shape. You can really go to town with a form like that. And how about a circular gesture too? Something like Winstons Churchill's v-sign declaring victory , but then a thumb and forefinger in a circle meaning picobello . Now that's a sign you can put feeling into: Picobello Europe!

That looks much better, a clear symbol, a beautiful round eurO, with a hole in the middle. A zero, yes, but who cares. Large amounts have lots of zeros. It simply looks good, nice and robust.


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